Welcome to The Official MotorN Whitepaper.

MOTORN is a Web3 Game-Fi & Social-Fi lifestyle app driving global decarbonisation.

The Problem

Transportation currently has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector, accounting for a monstrous 37% of global end-user CO2 emissions.

Unfortunately, todays emissions from rapidly rising transport demand cannot be offset by the sluggish uptake of renewables, having disastrous implications for our environment.

Currently, global EV penetration is simply insufficient, with 90% of passenger vehicles still being fuel powered.

The Solution: Riding Toward a Greener Future.

MOTORN is a lifestyle decarbonisation solution leveraging web3 innovation to achieve real world incentivisation. Through our M2E functionality, which incorporates exciting GameFi and SocialFi elements, users will be rewarded tokens for riding electric vehicles, incentivising global EV adoption and decarbonisation.

Soon, wth the release of our patented blockchain e-motorbikes and vehicle manufacturer APIs, the more our users ride, the more carbon offsets our communities accumulate, and the more positive impacts we cause. These sustainability efforts help the ecosystem accumulate carbon credits, allowing us to then trade them on a global scale to affect global change, and further reward our community of riders.

Riders of our vehicles will experience seamless connectivity with their apps, generating R2e earnings & personal account carbon credits calculated by in-built smart contracts.

MOTORN seeks to drive global decarbonisation with an innovative twist, backed by a global family of supporters which will sustain the permanence of our ecosystem. However, all great things have small beginnings, and to begin building this family, R2e/P2e will initially be available to all holders of our NFTs.

*As we are still in our early stages, our Whitepaper may still be subject to change.

Governance token: FGT (Free governance token) Game token: WGT (Wild game token)

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