Ride-To-Earn (R2e)

To build our community, our Ride-To-Earn will initially be available to all holders of our NFTs, regardless of what vehicle you may drive. After all, without the support of global communities, the global issue of climate change will never be solved

Commuting Mode


In order to start earning, users must own MotorN NFTs (refer here). From there, users can select there desired E-motorbike NFT. Riders must ensure that their selected NFT e-motorcycle, like their physical E-bike, has sufficient charge in order to earn. When ready, simply press start, and voila! Ride & Earn.

E-Motorbike NFT Battery

Every NFT e-bike is unique, possessing its own max energy and energy depletion rate. As users ride, energy will eventually run out and earnings will automatically stop. The batteries can be recharged by paying for electricity with our in-game currencies ($FREE or $WILD). Once the energy is regained, the user can start earning again.

As our user ecosystem develops, MotorN will release its own patented blockchain e-motorbikes which link with our NFTs and App. The user experience reaches new heights as the physical attributes of our bikes converge with our NFTs. For example, energy depletion will be tracked live and reflected in our NFTs.


Live user routes are tracked by GPS, and smart contracts automatically impute factors such as speed, distance and time to determine the accumulated earnings and energy depletion at any given moment.

During the ride, users can pause earnings or press 'stop' when the the destination is reached. Earnings will be automatically credited to the user's wallet, and the NFT's energy will automatically be reduced.

For specific details, refer to Earnings.

Neutral Gear

If 'neutral gear' appears, it implies that the user's internet/GPS signal is poor and/or the user is potentially trying to cheat the system. If the in-built AI detects this, no tokens will be earned, and users will be at risk of losing energy.

GPS Signal

ā— Green ā€“ Strong GPS ā— Red - Poor GPS ā— Blank - No GPS

Mystery Boxes

When a trip is concluded in Commuting Mode, a mystery box may randomly appear with an attached countdown. Their probability is determined arbitrarily by system algorithms, although can be affected by several factors:

ā— Check-in ā— The type of the E-Motorcycle ā— Electricity ā— Flexibility ā— Battery life ā— Other factors

Mystery boxes cost $WILD tokens to unlock, but do not necessarily need to be opened. Once the countdown time reaches ends, the box will disappear.

Competition Mode (Developing)

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