Users' $WILD earnings per km/mile are not static, and may be dictated by several factors:

Optimal Speed

Every type of E-Motorcycle NFT has its own optimal speed range. Riding within such a range will result in the greatest earnings for the user. Whenever the user exits this optimal region, earnings will reduce base on the difference from the optimal range.


There are four types of e-motorcycles, each with a larger optimal speed range than the previous. Earnings per km/mile ridden are superior for master e-motorcycles than amateur NFTs.


As mentioned in attributes, each e-motorcycle is unique. These differences will result in varied earnings between riders. That being said, costs associated with electricity will also vary.

GPS/Wifi signal

GPS signal directly affects earnings. WC earnings will decrease or be halted if signal is poor or too weak, indicated by a "White" or "Red" GPS signal. The same applies for Wifi signals.

Earnings Formula

Currently under development - will be revealed when complete.

$FREE Earnings

Users unlock the option to earn $FREE when they have reached the max level. However, there is a cooldown period each time a user chooses to earn the other token.

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