Our Project in Phases

1. Beta launch | Game-Fi/NFTs - Current

In the early stages of our project launch, our focus will be toward community development and user incentivisation. After all, without the support of global communities, the global issue of climate change will never be solved. As a thanks to our early adopters, holders of our Genesis NFTs will access superior earnings and e-motorbike attributes.
This means our APP will feature Play-To-Earn (P2e) & Ride-To-Earn (R2e) GameFi functionalities available to all holders of our NFTs. In the very beginning, however, this will limited to the 10k holders of our Genesis NFTs. Though, utility NFT mints will become available soon after.
At this stage, riders of all road vehicles can qualify for M2e, so long as conditions satisfy earning requirements (See more).
Similarly, all NFT users can participate in our in-app P2e, which includes but is not limited to competitions and mini games with varying prizes (See More).

2. When Web3.0 meets Physical EVs

With the growth of our community, we will launch our patented blockchain e-motorcycles and open APIs globally. Users will be able to choose their desired MotorN vehicle based on price points, rarity, design and more, and will be able to purchase it through an NFT mint. Once minted, not only do users instantly unlock P2e and M2e functionality, but they will be gifted with the equivalent physical E-motorcycles. Users can also win personally customisable physical EVs through select in-App P2e competitions (pssst... now you wished you had those faster Genesis NFTs).
Our physical vehicles link seamlessly with the MotorN NFT and APP, allowing users to view their carbon offsets and generated carbon credits from riding at any given moment. It is the production of carbon neutral vehicles, and our users' decarbonisation efforts in riding our vehicles which will generate carbon credits, allowing us to trade them and return the proceeds to our users and the ecosystem. (see more)

3. Leveraging the Network Effect: Social-Fi

Our Social-Fi element will unify big data, localisation, and the network effect. Every region is unique, and comprises of different people, different habits, different traffic conditions. We take this into account and implement a tailored social-fi aspect for all, providing our users with the maximum practicality. Essentially, our Social-Fi aims to make the commuting aspect of our lives just that little bit easier, connect our users together to form a new level of location/hobby aligned ridesharing, minimise the traffic on roads, and leverage the network effect.