đŸŒŗCarbon Credits

At MotorN, carbon offsetting and carbon credit trading is inherent to our project. Firstly, for every electric powered vehicle we manufacture, the governments will reward us with carbon credits. Secondly, through our carbon offsetting formulae - based on international standards - we are able to accurately calculate the carbon offsets of our users as they ride. Riders will be able to view their live carbon offsets within the MotorN APP. These figures will also be audited by 3rd party governmental agencies from around the world.

We will be issued with carbon credits by governments around the world, which we will then trade on global carbon exchanges. To reward our users for their global decarbonisation efforts, the majority of proceeds from these trades will be returned back into the ecosystem to our riders and drivers.

The more our users ride, the more carbon offsets our communities accumulate, and the more positive impacts we cause.

Note: Carbon credit accumulation and trading will only occur once our vehicle manufacturing APIs and patented blockchain bikes are released and adopted.

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