The following are subject to depletion as users ride & earn:
  • Electricity
  • Maximum energy
  • Flexibility

Vehicle Energy

Like your physical EV, our NFT e-motorcycles will deplete in energy when being ridden.
As our user ecosystem develops, MotorN will release its own patented blockchain e-motorbikes which link with our NFTs and App. Energy depletion rates will automatically reflect that of our physical vehicles.

Maximum energy

Due to battery capacity fade, as the e-motorcycle is ridden more, its energy cap decreases. Users will have to purchase a new battery if the max capacity gets too low.


As users use their e-motorcycle NFTs, performance begins to decrease. For every 1km of distance rode, a 0.001 unit of performance is lost.
Performance can only be restored by servicing the vehicle, which costs $WILD.
Last modified 1yr ago