E-Motorcycle NFTs

All NFTs have a speed range of 10-120km/h

E-Motorcycle Rarity

  • Vehicle rarity levels (high to low): Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common

  • Vehicle rarity determines:

    • Initial attributes (at mint)

    • Attribute improvements when upgrading

    • Energy level caps

    • Daily M2e WGT earning caps

    • Earnings efficiency in M2e mode

    • Superiority and advantage in P2e games.

E-Motorcycle Attributes

  • Efficiency: Higher efficiency NFTs provide superior WGT earnings in M2e

  • Growth: A higher growth attribute increases the success rates of gem synthesis and decreases upgrade times

  • Luck: Luck determines the probability of Mystery Box drops and their the quality of their content.

  • Durability: Higher durabilities slows down NFT endurance depletion

  • Endurance: Endurance drops during M2e activity. Endurance replenishing costs tokens and gems

  • Energy: The energy levels in the bike will deplete after each ride. The daily energy cap is associated with rarity. Energy replenishes 12am UTC

  • WGT earnings cap: The M2e WGT earnings cap is associated with NFT rarity and level. Note, this cap does not apply to other systems such as mystery boxes and P2e.

E-Motorcycle NFT Upgrades

Upgrading the NFTs requires FGT, WGT and Gems. Doing so allows you to manually pick improvements to desired attributes. Higher NFT rarities give more attribute points upon upgrade.

Note: NFT levels cannot exceed user levels. Therefore, to upgrade your NFTs, you must first level up your accounts.

E-Motorcycle Breeding (Continuous development)

  • Users can breed a new NFT with 2 existing NFTs of level 5 or above.

  • The newly minted NFT will have attributes improved in relation to its parent NFTs

  • Genesis NFTs can be bred more times than regular NFTs

  • NFT breeding requires FGT, WGT and gems

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