📱Getting Started

App Download & Account Setup

Download the MotorN App from our official website or App Store / Google Play Store.

After downloading our App, simply sign-up and follow the instructions.

Digital Wallet Setup

Users with digital wallets (ie. MetaMask) can simply import these into our App via the wallet seed phrase.

You are now ready to transfer the relevant cryptocurrencies into the wallet.

Owning a MotorN NFT

Minting a MotorN NFT: MotorN will release 10,000 initial Genesis NFTs through mints on our official website. Users will first need to connect their wallet and scan the QR code with the MotorN APP for connection. Holders of our Genesis NFTs will be rewarded for early stage participation, receiving higher earnings, subsequent generation NFT breeding capabilities and other rights in game.

Utility NFTs will be released later.

Whitelist: Whitelisted users are prioritised in minting, and receive more benefits. However this is limited.

Purchasing a MotorN NFT: Simply head onto the MotorN in-app market place and buy your desired NFT! The filter options can be used to assist you in finding NFTs based on price, attributes, rarity and more.

Congratulations, you're now ready to start your MotorN journey! Be Wild, Be Free, and Save the Environment While Your at it!

For the latest news and updates, please follow our official social media accounts:

● Twitter: @motorWeb3

● Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Hsf2UVwdDa

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